Dream about Fish: Meaning Of Seeing Fish In Your Dreams

In old Chinese tradition dreams about fish are usually associated with positivity and glad tidings. Although there a few dreams about fish that can be interpreted as having a negative meaning.

When one closes their eyes and drifts into the darkness of slumber they get to experience many dreams, dreams about fish in particular have a very broad spectrum since they can hold multiple meanings at times.

To get the best possible interpretation about your dream you need to remember as much detail as you can since any wrong detail can hinder the chances of your Fish dream interpretation to be accurate.

Your dream about fish can carry a very deep meaning hence it would be exceedingly useful for you to remember details like if you were dreaming about a fish swimming, or dying, or being eaten by you or someone else that you know of.

Even the slightest detail could help.

Even though we cannot look inside another person’s dream and know the exact details but dreams about fish are actually very common and are interpreted throughout the world.

Below are a few interpretations for fish dreams that could be useful into understanding your dreams better.

Dreaming about a swimming fish

Dream about fish that shows a fish swimming in the water mostly denotes your subconscious mind and its potential to unlock certain secrets.

On the other hand, if your dream about fish shows the fish swimming under deep water then it probably means you are in danger or any hurdles you might face at work.

However if the fish in your dream shows the fish swimming on the surface then that denotes good fortune.

Buying Fish in your dream

In your dream about fish if you see yourself buying a fish then it does not signify something positive. It signifies an illness probably you or someone close to you.

If you see yourself buying a lot of fishes then that mostly signifies greed.

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Dream about eating fish

If you see yourself eating a fish in your dream then that mostly denotes your spiritual health and luck.

If you see yourself catching a fish and then eating it then someone very close to you, a family member or a friend is seriously sick.

Dreaming about cooking a fish

If your dream about fish shows you that you are cooking a fish then that denotes the enhancement of your spiritual health and knowledge.

Dreaming about killing a fish

If your fish dream shows you that you are killing a fish or have killed a fish then that means that you will overcome your enemies or anyone who wishes to harm you.

This dream about fish can denote both physical, mental, social or any kind of triumph.

Dream about sea fish

Dreaming about fish from the sea is a glad tiding. This dream means that you will inherit great wealth in the near future and all your problems would diminish.

This dream brings news of luck and good fortune.

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