Dreams About Bears: Meaning of Seeing Bears In Your Dreams

Seeing bears in dreams is not a very common occurrence, but for those who do see it, it is a baffling experience.

Because bears are not something one expect to see in their dream, it can be a bit confusing as to what brings such an animal out into our subconscious dreaming state so suddenly and out of nowhere.

A bear is a very large, intimidating, and deadly animal that can kill you in an instant.

So seeing such an animal in your dream is unsurprisingly very frightening and may lead you to experience a great deal of fear and anxiety after you wake up.

Although, bears are a very intimidating creatures, the meaning that their appearance in dreams carries is actually very positive and uplifting.

Seeing bears in your dreams

Bears as animals always represent strength, integrity, agency and autonomy.

Because of this natural symbolism attached to the bear, dreams about bears represent an onset of a period of strength, integrity, agency, autonomy and wealth to you.

Mostly seeing a bear in your dream points towards the prospect of prosperity in your life.

This means you are aware of certain opportunities your life is presenting you with and the good paths they will take you to.

You register good prospects and opportunities in your life into your subconscious mind that shows up in the symbol of a bear in your dream.

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Types of Bear related Dreams & What They Mean

There are many different scenarios of how you may see a bear within your dream.

Dreams about bears relate to all the different forms of behavior which bears exhibit in their natural habitats. You can get a pretty good idea of what a dream of bear means by correlating it with the type of behavior bears show in their habitat.

If you see a bear engaged in harmonious and peacemaking behavior such as resting or lying down, or even eating and drinking water, then that is a positive sign.

Such appearances of a bear indicate your autonomy and individuality in life with which you are very happy and at peace with yourself.

Sometimes the symbolic appearance of a bear in a dream can also mean that the bear represents a concerned maternal force that watches over you.

Since mother bears are known to be very protective of their cubs, seeing a bear being nice to you and coddling you may represent some aspect of your personality comforting you and looking out for you.

As you will have learned that bears usually carry positive meanings with them and their appearance in dreams usually signals towards the good things that a person experiences about life.

Since seeing bears in dreams represent independence; most people who see them are newly independent adults who start getting that initial sense of peace and stability in their lives.

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