Dreams About Being Pregnant: Meaning of Having Pregnancy Dreams

Dreams about being pregnant can be strange. When it comes to dreams and dreaming, there is always more than meets the eye.

We often dream of things that make no sense to us upon first glance and we wonder what the hidden meaning behind those dreams must be, this curiosity is a basic and foundational part of human nature and psyche.

Sometimes dreams that we see in our deepest states of sleep are very peculiar and they often leave us distressed and disturbed.

Often, even long after waking up, that feeling of distress and uneasiness remain with us, and it usually takes anywhere between a few minutes to hours to be able to completely shake away those leftover emotions from our dreams.

If you are experiencing dreams that are of a very peculiar and strange nature, and those that leave you with a prolonged feeling of distress and uneasiness that you can’t make sense out of, it may be an indication of an unresolved psychological conflict that you need to unearth and resolve to be able to get past it. One such type of dreams are dreams about being pregnant.

Dreams about being pregnant are one of the most commonly recurring dreams for women in their lifetime. The dreams about being pregnant can be as simple and straightforward as you dreaming that you are about to have a child, or as strange and convoluted as having a miscarriage or an abortion.

Symbolisms Of Pregnancy Dreams

Common Symbolisms of Dreams about Being Pregnant

If you are having recurring pregnancy dreams that tend to get very intense, you might want to consider looking into the interpretation behind those dreams. The very first step of trying to decode your pregnancy dreams is to underline the main symbolisms that go into dreaming of pregnancy.

Given below is a list of symbols that often appear in dreams of being pregnant:

Symbolizing Growing

The most common and important underlying factor about dreaming that you are pregnant is that of growing and developing in some very crucial area of your life. This could be related to a recent change in your life that might push you towards an opportunity for self improvement and self development.

So keep an eye out for any opportunities that have recently presented themselves in your life and accept them for self development and growing yourself into an improved person. It may also mean that your personality is ready to move to its next level of maturity and development.

Innovation & Creativity

Being pregnant means that there is something growing inside of you from its most basic and simple form and its budding and developing into a more complex version of itself. So dreams about being pregnant could actually be about an idea that is currently budding in your mind.

There may be an innovative idea or creative thought currently developing in your mind like a fetus develops inside his mother’s womb. You need to pay attention to this and nourish and nurture those creative thoughts and ideas just like you would nurture a developing child in your womb.

Failing at Something

Failing at something is another prevalent theme in dreams about being pregnant. It may seem strange because most symbols that are associated with dreaming of pregnancy have positive and life affirming connotations attached to them but sometime it symbolizes loss and failure as well.

Anxiety about Life

Sometimes we often experience anxiety regarding the direction of our life and our future goals and our place in this world, this is known most commonly as existential anxiety and it often affects us during transitional periods in our life.

If looked at like that, dreams about being pregnant can symbolize a blockade in the way of your dreams and aims, just like an unexpected and sudden pregnancy in real life can often be.

Being Afraid

Whenever a woman gets the knowledge of being pregnant without her expecting it or being even the slightest bit prepared for it, it often leads to a great deal of sudden anxiety and fear that debilitates her.

Just like that, in dreams of being pregnant, a person may feel like their autonomy and agency has suddenly been taken away from them. They may feel like their plans and routines have been thrown off the track and that they’re afraid of what is about to come in their life next.
The Various Types of Dreams about Being Pregnant

The Various Types of Dreams about Being Pregnant

There are many different kinds of pregnancy dreams that you may experience in your sleep and the nature and interpretation of the dream can vary from person to person and case to case, that is why it is important to check to see which kind of pregnancy dreams exactly you have been having.

Dreaming That You Are Pregnant

When you are having dreams of being pregnant yourself, that can be an indication that you are going through, or are about to go through a big change in your life that could quite possibly change everything for you.

Try to think of what current events in your life that might be pushing you towards a stage of development and growing out of your comfort zone, surely you will find such events and that will probably be the reason for you having pregnancy dreams.

Seeing Another Person Being Pregnant

Not all pregnancy dreams involve seeing yourself as the one who is a pregnant, sometimes you see someone else being pregnant in your dream. Just like dreaming that you are pregnant yourself, seeing someone else carrying a pregnancy in your dreams can also mean that they are going through a transitional phase in their life right now.

Seeing someone else like a friend or a loved one pregnant in your dream could mean that you are concerned for their happiness and wellbeing as they are moving through different phases of their life and embracing some new big changes in their goals.

Dreams About a Terminated Pregnancy or Miscarriage

Just as we discussed above how pregnancy symbolizes new ideas and your budding inner creativity, dreams about a terminated pregnancy like having or a miscarriage can symbolize the termination of a new idea or the death of your creative energy.

This is a bad indication and it could mean a failure in a work related task or any other project where you have stopped exerting your creative energies and now that area is coming apart at the seams.

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Going Through an Ultrasound in Your Dream

Seeing yourself going through an ultrasound or a pregnancy check up with a doctor in your pregnancy dreams symbolizes the coming of a good thing in your life. This could mean a promotion at work, a new relationship or maybe a new development in a current relationship.

Going into Labor in a Dream

When you have a dream where you are going into labor or have already had a baby it is a symbol of something new and innocent coming to you in your life, that is a very positive sign. Seeing your own child in a dream means that you are on a new journey towards embracing self-love and self acceptance.

Little babies also symbolize purity and naivety, which means something free from any form of corruption or ill meaning, so if you have a dream like that, it means something pure and free from any corruption is about to enter into your life and you should embrace it with open arms.

A baby could also mean that you have achieved an accomplishment or reached a milestone that you’ve been working towards for a long time that has finally reached its final stage of fruition and now you’re feeling the purest form of bliss and contentment in your dream in the form of a new and innocent baby.

Seeing Your Baby Being Born Deformed or In an Inhuman Form

This is probably undoubtedly one of the scariest dreams some women experience. The main reason for you seeing this is just the exact opposite of seeing a baby that is pure and innocent that implies purity of joy and accomplishments.

Seeing yourself give birth to an inhuman or deformed child means that you are afraid of someone corrupting an idea of yours and turning it into a severely malformed version of what you originally intended it to be.

Most of the time first time pregnant women see this dream, and as scary as it is, it just symbolizes that they are worried for the health of their child and want it to be healthy. It often results from people talking fear into the new mother.


Pregnancy dreams can mean a million things, because dreams of being pregnant can symbolize a great many number of things.

To be able to interpret pregnancy dreams, you have to analyze a lot of factors first and take a close look at your recent experiences that may be related to dreaming that you are pregnant.

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