Dreams About Cheating – What Do They Really Mean For You

Dreams are usually very complex and not easy to tackle. One type of dreaded dream that you can have is a cheating dream or dreams about cheating.

This cheating does not always include you cheating, the dream can be about your boyfriend cheating, your husband cheating or just you being cheated on.

Cheating in this context very strictly refers to only cheating in a romantic or sexual context, not cheating on a 7th grade test.

Dreams about cheating can lead to overwhelming feelings of guilt and it is usually good to know the exact reason behind these dreams so you can understand and evaluate them.

One important thing to keep in mind is that dreams about your partner are usually not and should not be taken as a sign of them actually cheating, if it does make you worry then you should talk it through with your partner.

Following are the types of cheating dreams you can have and what they could mean.

Dreams about your partner cheating on you

Having a dream or dreams about your partner cheating on you can be a sign of your own insecurity or low self-esteem.

Maybe you think that you partner is out of your league and eventually they will try to find someone better, worry not, these insecurities are usually baseless and you should remind yourself that your partner did decide to be with you in the first place because they saw something they liked.

These dreams can also be a sign of your lack of trust in your own partner and for this you should talk to your partner.

Very rarely, these dreams can be sign that your brain is subconsciously picking up on signals that your partner is showing of his/her infidelity.

It can be sign of your own repressed wants it may be that you yourself are having feelings for someone else.

Dreams about cheating on your partner

Usually, this type of dream is a safe alternative for you to explore your wants and needs without actually cheating on your partner. Keep in mind, a dream about cheating is not cheating and you should not feel guilty about it.

The person you are cheating might represent some of the qualities that you wish your partner had and you miss or feel like you need. An easy way to deal with this is to have an open conversation with your partner about it.

This dream usually represents your unfulfilled desires. If your partner is not very affectionate then you might compensate for your need for affection through your dream.
Important features to consider in a dream

Even the small aspects of a dream can explain something to you about your subconscious mind and should be taken into consideration.

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This one is very basic. You should take note of the people in that dream and how they are associated to your real life. A handsome kind man may represent you needs and wants.

A beautiful woman who works with you can represent your jealousies and insecurities, e.g. she might be the one your partner cheats on with you.

She might represent the qualities that you wish you had or what you feel your partner needs from you and what you feel you are unable to provide.


The location where the dream takes place can also play an important representation of your subconscious.

If you are cheating in a workplace it might show your need to add something more interesting to you work life.

If your partner is cheating at your home it might show an insecurity about your personal space being violated.

If in the dream, you are cheating on your partner in a completely different environment with a wild and nature filled background that might indicate that you want a more exciting and risk-taking sex life.

It might mean that your partner and your home environment is not stimulating enough for you. Dreams are a representation of your conscious mind and every little detail can explain a lot.


It is extremely rare but in some cases a cheating dream can actually be sign of your partner cheating or a sign that you partner is going to cheat.

There have been some recorded accounts of people having dreams about their partners cheating and later finding out that they were cheating in real life.

But not to worry, this is usually not the case. And more importantly, you should not let a dream ruin your relationship and should instead talk it through with your partner.

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