Dreams About Cockroaches – What Do They Really Mean

Cockroaches are creepy crawlies that no one is fond of. They are often found in dirty and dark places lurking in the shadows in order to attack.

But what does a dream about cockroach mean? As if it wasn’t enough to see them in real life now they come to haunt us in our dreams too? Dreaming about cockroaches is actually very unusual.

However, unlike real life, a dream about cockroaches is taken in a positive sign.

Seeing a cockroach in your dream associates to wealth and influence.

Following are a few interpretations of cockroach dreams that would help you understand your dream better:

General Dream about cockroach:

This dream about cockroach is an indication that you will meet someone very influential in the near future and you could get very close to them. And this could be a very good opportunity for you to earn their favor.

Dreams about cockroach also indicate that you’re going to get lucky in certain aspects in the near future. This would be a great time for you to try your luck with lottery or a contest since your chances of winning could be very high.

Since cockroaches are a sign of good luck and success, working class people might also expect a bonus or a raise or any sort of success at work.

Dreaming about a lot of cockroaches:

If you see swarms of cockroaches in your dream then it is viewed in a very negative light. This dream brings bad luck.

In this dream about cockroaches, bad omens are lingering about you so keep yourself from investing into any businesses or gamble in anything since you are more likely to lose.

The best course of action would be to just steer clear of any huge business deals since people are thinking ill of you and want you to fail.

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Dreams about cockroach in your food:

This dream about cockroach is again taken in a very negative light. This dream is mostly directed towards the jealousy certain people hold towards you and your success.

Hence they would be talking bad things about you behind your back while being really good to you when they’d be with you.

The best course of action would be not to be trusting of everyone and not to over share with people. You should be watchful about what you’re telling to whom. And if you see even the slightest signs of envy then stay wary of such people.

Dream about killing a cockroach:

This dream about cockroach is one of the positive ones. Killing a cockroach both in a dream and in real life can bring delight to you.

This cockroach dream denotes that you will start to have more control in your life. Whatever motivation you were lacking to complete certain tasks, you may be able to now carry out the delayed task with the finest execution.

Whatever spirit you were lacking in order to pursue your goals and ambitions it would somehow find its way back to you and your life would turn around for the better.

Just pay attention to the slightest detail and take care of everything with the utmost consideration.

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