Dreams About Cutting Hair: True Meaning of Cutting Hair In Dream

Every now and then we all have weird dreams that we have no explanation for, they can be about something we aren’t even that concerned about.

One of these inexplicable dreams can be a dream about cutting hair. Dreams can be very meaningful and they can be predictors of the future as well so it is a good idea to figure out what they mean.

A dream about cutting hair can involve you cutting someone else’s hair, your own or someone else cutting your hair.

Following are some of the types of dreams about cutting hair you can have and what they might mean.

Cutting your own hair

Cutting your own hair in a dream is usually associated with loss. It can also be a predictor of a loss of strength that you might experience.

It could also be referring to you reshaping your personality and changing something about yourself or that you are changing in a major or minor way.

Another prediction related to this could be that something in your life is about to change, as in you may be getting a new job.

Cutting someone else’s hair

Cutting someone else’s hair in a dream can refer to a need to maintain control.

Perhaps you feel out of control in some aspect of your life and it might be expressing itself in a dream. It can be a slight representative of a controlling personality.

The person whose hair you are cutting in this dream can be very significant. It may represent a need to control that person specifically or that person might represent someone you wish you could control.

It is a good idea to accept that control over everything is not necessary and you can be happy leaving some choices to others.

Trying to control everything can be unhealthy and accepting a natural lack of control can make you happier and more relaxed.

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Having your hair cut by someone else

Having a dream about getting your hair cut by someone else can represent a lack of control as well. It might show that you feel like you are losing control to someone else.

The other person in this dream can be pretty significant as well, they might represent or they might be the person you feel you are losing control to. This dream can also show your deep trust in someone else.

Losing hair in dream

This dream is not directly related to cutting hair but it is similar and will be useful to know what it means.

A dream about losing your hair is a sign of your focus on outer appearances. It shows that you might be feeling like you are getting older or losing your good looks.

There are other types of dreams that you can have related to your hair and they can all have different meanings.

If you have a dream about stroking your hair it might mean that you need think and evaluate every decision carefully.

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