Dreaming About Death: True Meaning of Having Death Dreams

Among the most common dreams that people experience around the world, dreams about death are the most terrifying and commonly occurring ones.  And why wouldn’t it be?

Death is a very macabre and terrifying ordeal that signals the end of all your hopes, dreams and aspiration. So it is no wonder that dreaming about death can be very anxiety provoking for many individuals.

Although it may point to some really bad meanings in most places, there are many cultures where dreams about death is seen as an indication of good news. So if you want to look at the meanings, you have both the positive and negative interpretations to look towards and take heed from.

Death as a symbol can mean a vast array of things. Death can symbolize the ending or closing of a process of life, and the winding down of a certain stage of life.

In most cases this can be taken to mean something negative, but there are other cases where it can be taken to mean as a symbol or rebirth and regeneration of a new cycle.

Usually when you start dreaming about death, it is related to a transitory period in your life that you are currently experiencing. You could be going through a large number of changes of which you are unaware.

Some changes tend to be big, whereas other changes come into our life through more subtle channels and can often be difficult to pinpoint and label.

Big changes include things like shifting of careers, an addition or omission of a person from your family, the loss of a good friend or getting out of a serious relationship.

Big changes also include moving houses, cities, or even countries and of course, financial changes that include the attainment and loss of wealth.

But such dreams also can be about the more subtle changes in your life.

Little things that shift from their natural state like changing your appearance, going on a diet, a disruption or change in your sleeping cycle can all alter your state of mind. These disruptions can lead you to dreams about death often and out of nowhere.

The smaller and more subtle changes are more often the cause of such dreams because they are easier to slip into our subconscious thoughts that influence us in our dream state.

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What does it Mean When You Dream about Death?

What does it mean when you heving death dreams

There are several different interpretations for the meaning of death in dream and each interpretation varies according to a number of variables such as the interpreter’s philosophical and religious school of thought, their belief in social sciences such as psychology and psychoanalysis and other various factors.

To examine what dreaming about death means, you have to first identify and define your own stance and identity so that you can move forward into looking at all the meanings.

Keep an open mind when reading the different sorts of interpretations and always remember that every individual differs in their thought processes, and eventually their dreams about death.

Your dreams are unique to you

so you can use these interpretations to serve as mere guidelines to enlighten your intuition and understanding. After that you can choose to move forward in whichever direction so pleases you and use these interpretations to your advantage.

There are many different kinds of scenarios regarding dreaming about death, and each one has its own unique meaning hidden behind it. Given below are some of the interpretations of different kinds of scenarios that you can use to determine what your own dreams about death may mean.

Dying in Your Dreams

Dreaming Of Your Own Death

The most common and prevalent scenario is to dream of your own death and this is the type of dream that can be the most anxiety provoking for any individual. However, the explanation for seeing your own self dying in a dream may actually be very empowering and positive for you.

When you see yourself die in a dream, you are most likely experiencing a spiritual or psychological death of yourself and that can be taken in a very positive way. It means that you are shedding off the dead weight of your spiritual aura, just as a snake sheds off its dead skin and is ready to start a new cycle of regeneration and life.

Death in spirituality is very similar to death in nature. Like death in nature represents a rebirth cycle, so it does too in matters of spirituality.

Spirituality and nature are connected together like mind and soul and they go hand in hand.

This is why dying in your dream may actually be a great thing for you to start anew.

Similarly, if you take the psychological route to interpreting your dream, instead of the spiritual one, you may find different answers to your investigation.

Psychologically, death has a lot of hidden interpretations and meanings, most of which are related to the birth and death of certain aspects of your personality and emotions.

The view of dying in your own dream may actually be a reflection of the removal of a bad habit or aspect of your personality as it is undergoing. It may also be a secret wish for your mind and psyche to get rid of that behavior and watch it be buried 6 feet under like a corpse, never to return again.

Dreams of Someone Dying

Dreaming Of Someone Dying

Contrary to dreams where you perceive yourself as dying, sometimes you may experience a dream in which you see someone else dying.

Most often in these dreams you see your family and loved ones die, and the feeling can quite often be very dreadful and terrible. Such dreams can leave a deeply problematic mark on your mind, akin to losing a loved one in real life.

One of the foremost ways you can interpret the death of someone else in your dream is by taking it in a context of your own personality. The person that you witnessed dying in your dream, may in fact represent some undesirable aspect of your own personality that your mind is keen on getting rid of.

If you see someone you love and hold dear, passing away in your dream, then it may be interpreted in two different ways.

The first way of seeing it is that the person you saw dying has lost their luster in real life and their waning importance in your heart and mind is being reflected in the form of them dying in your dream.

Another way of interpreting the viewing of the death of a loved one in your dream is the possibility of doubt and fear of loss. You might be seeing the person you love dying because of your deep rooted fears of abandonment regarding that person in your life.

You may be afraid of losing them and the thought of them being snatched from you is seeping into your dreams in the form of them dying.

If you dream about your child dying, especially if you are childless in real life, it points towards failed aspirations. The child in your dream represents your hopes and aspirations which you have been unable to meet and so your mind kills them off in your dream to represent the symbolism of your feelings in real life.



There are several interpretations for dreams about death. As you can see, there are spiritual ways of looking at the meaning behind these dreams, and then there are psychological ways of investigating the latent meaning of them.

You can choose either one of those approaches on their own, or even in conjunction when taken together, depending on the limits of your faith and imagination.

A death dream can be a cause of a great deal of anxiety but once you dig deeper into the actual meaning behind the dream, you can greatly reduce your anxiety. Going from the apparently visible imagery you see in your dream, to the hidden deeper meaning can also be a very eye opening and enlightening experience for you.

As bad as dying in dreams may feel, it can provide a learning opportunity for you to look into your own thought processes and personality.

You may find that there are signs of your psychological well-being that you have been ignoring or putting aside that need some attention.

You may also discover that there are certain matters, especially those regarding other people in your life, which need taking care of. Since dreams about death are a subconscious window into our mind and psyche, you can use them as a tool like a microscope to know yourself.

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    I just recently had a dream Where me and my best friend got kidnapped whilst walking to the store. I remember it vividly, it was terrifying! The person hit my friend on the head and she fell limp and then the same happened to me. Later on in the dream I was shoved and chained down in a chair across from my friend and the stranger came back and grabbed a bunch of my hair and pulled on it so hard my scalp was bleeding and a giant chunk of my hair fell on my lap and then they grabbed a little scalpel/knife thing and slowly made cuts on my upper arm and it felt like my entire body was burning. I remember I was crying and screaming and then the person put a gun to my friends head and then everything faded to black but I could still here a loud bang and a scream

    Then I woke up… What could this have meant ? I’ve never actually questioned the meaning of my dreams recently but this one was so…real and kinda out of place I guess?

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