Dreams About Lions: Meaning Of Seeing Lions In Your Dreams

Lions are one of the animals in dreams that mostly denote a positive meaning.

Since they are known as the kings of the jungle, dreams about lions usually signify dominance.

Seeing a lion in your dream mostly symbolizes your inner strength. Sometimes even your inner self that wants to assert dominance over others.

Dreams are mostly signals by your subconscious mind about things you either do not know about yourself or choose to ignore.

Lions have traits such as strength and courage dreaming about a lion could also symbolize your inner courageousness.

Other than that, lions are also predatory creatures so seeing a lion in your dream can also symbolize your antagonistic impulses and the need for you to keep your temper under control. Dreaming about lions can also symbolize royalty.

Below are a few interpretations of lion dreams that might help you understand your dream better.

Seeing a Lion

The lion is a symbol of strength and determination hence this dream about lion denotes ones willingness to be determined.

When you are making decisions or taking control over a certain task make sure to be at your best and execute with finesse, remember not to show your weaknesses to anyone.

Dreams about lion may also show that we need to hide vulnerabilities in front of people since a lion never shows any weaknesses.

Seeing a Lioness

This dream about lions is a connotation of one’s protective instinct. It can be denoted in both a positive and a negative sense.

A lioness tends to be fiercer and sharp as compared to a lion that may be brave and strong.

In this dream it basically is your inner protective instinct that is speaking to you, to fiercely protect your family and loved ones.

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Being attacked by a lion

Dreaming of a lion attacking you symbolizes yourself destructive attitude towards something or someone. Who or what causes you to self-harm? Why do you resort to such extreme measures?

This is one of the dreams about lions that is considered in a negative light. It shows how you are in a constant battle with your inner self.

The best way to solve this situation would be to change your ways and to not let anything get under your skin since this all will pass.

Hunting a lion

This dream about lion again is taken in a positive sense. This dream denotes one’s ability to be responsible for themselves and being independent.

Self-sufficiency is a strong trait amongst lions and this dream mainly indicates to one’s ability to be exceedingly self-sufficient and in control of their lives and goals.

Killing a Lion

Seeing a lion in your dream which is already dead denotes a completely different meaning then killing a lion does.

If it’s the former then it’s taken in a positive sense since a dead lion means you’ve overcome a certain problem of yours, mainly with the law.

Whereas seeing yourself killing a lion in your dream shows you that you have to make a huge decision and you are in conflict with it.

In a situation like this if it is a do or don’t situations then you may want to solve the situation as soon as possible.

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