Dreams About Spiders: Meaning Of Seeing Spiders In Dreams

We all have our own versions of scary dreams that leave us shaken to the core but for some people that dream can be a dream as simple as a dreams about spiders.

Our dreams are usually not random even though they seem that way and it can be useful to analyze your dream and figure out what it means.

Regardless of whether that dream about spiders scared you or not, you should probably understand its significance.

Men and women both dream about spiders and these dreams can be uncomfortable if not just scary. Spiders in a dream can usually be a predictor of your future, of what your life is going to be like.

It all depends on what kind of dream you have. Although these dreams about spiders are usually very unpleasant, don’t worry, they are, most of the time, representing something positive.

Following are the types of spider dreams people usually have and what they can mean.

List Of Most Common Dreams About Spiders:

Static spiders in a dream

If you have a dream about a static spider it usually refers to a positive figure you have in your life, who is constantly watching over you. It is possible that you do not know who exactly that figure is or you may bee able to identify them. It can also be a deceased person who is watching over you and guiding you.

A spider in dreams spinning a web

This type of dream usually refers to working hard and being productive. It could mean that you are about to or are already having a productive phase in your life which will be full of achievements.

You might get a promotion at your job or win an award at school. It just shows that you will work hard and that hard work will pay off.

This dream can also refer to your blossoming creativity.

One other possible meaning of this dream is that you feel like an outsider in your world and that you feel the need to create your own space that can be your home.

Mostly it means, that you are looking for or need your own space that you feel comfortable in.

Spider climbing a wall

This dream also has a positive meaning. It can signify that in the near future you will achieve your hopes and dreams. That you are climbing towards success and a happy kid or at least a happy period in your life.

A falling spider

This is one of the few dreams about spiders that has a negative connotation, surprisingly. It means that you are about to have a downfall in your social life. And that you will lose some very powerful friends. But not to worry, you might find some new friends after all.

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A spider talking to you

If you have this kind of a dream, you should listen very carefully to what the spider has to say and try to remember it.

The spider usually represents your subconscious and you might learn something important about what you have been repressing or trying to avoid.

It can also give you useful information on how to deal with your problems.

Getting bit by a spider

In this dream, the spider represents an important female figure in your life, like a mother, a sister or a wife. This dream shows that you will have a major conflict with that figure in the near future.

Having a spider as a pet

If you dream that you own a spider as a pet, it might mean that you are ready to face your fears, to deal with your problem head on. You are ready for any new challenges you might face.

Eating a spider

This dream can be very upsetting but it also has a positive meaning attached to it. It means that you are in control of your business and personal life and you will easily manage any problems coming your way.

Killing a spider

This is another spider dream that has a negative connotation. In most cultures killing a spider is considered bad luck and this extends to dreams as well.

If you see dreams about killing spiders it may be a sign of something bad coming your way.

It usually means that you will have to face a negative event or problem.

In most dreams the spider represents a major female figure from your life and usually represents something positive.

However, you should not base your life around these dreams and should instead take them as a warning and deal with them with caution.

Additionally, there are books that can be consulted on dream interpretation.

Some famous psychologists have also published detailed analysis of dreams and these publications can be very helpful when tackling the meaning behind your dreams.

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