Dreams About Tornadoes – Meaning Of Seeing Tornadoes In Your Dreams

Tornadoes are extremely destructive large scale natural events and it can be just as scary and upsetting to see them in a dream as seeing them in real life.

Dreams about tornadoes usually have a negative meaning.

Having a tornado dream can be predicting that some kind of destruction is about to happen in your life or that you will experience a big emotional change, following are some of the types of dreams you can have about tornadoes and what they might mean.

Seeing a faraway tornado

Just seeing a tornado in a dream indicates that a big change in your life is approaching. This change is usually negative, like a big conflict at work or in a personal relationship.

There is also a strange correlation to this dream, as it turns out most pregnant women dream about tornadoes before having the baby.

So, this dream can also indicate, for a woman, that you are pregnant but don’t worry it is probably the former explanation.

Being inside a tornado

A tornado is a wild out of control force and a dream about being in a tornado can mean that you are feeling out of control. It also indicates that some major conflicts are coming your way and you will not be able to control those problems.

However, don’t worry, every bad situation passes eventually and you will be able to deal with “tornado.”

Escaping a tornado

A dream about escaping a tornado means that you will be able to evade any problem coming your way. This is a rare dream type as it has a positive connotation.

Objects being destroyed by a tornado

If you have a dream about a tornado destroying the objects around you that means that you should pay close attention to all the consequences of your actions. You might be causing destruction around you and should be careful of that.

Tornado attacking people close to you

If you see the people important to you being attacked by a tornado in a dream that might mean that your friends or family will face some major problems very soon.

You should be very careful, try and take care of the people around you and keep in mind that they will need your help very soon.

It might also be a good idea to seek help from them to let them know that you trust them and that they can trust you too.

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Multiple tornadoes

A dream about various tornadoes can be extremely scary and upsetting; however, its meaning is not as drastically negative, even though it is still negative. It refers to the people around you; these people can be from your workplace or personal life.

These relationships are very volatile and these people are emotionally unstable. They might get angry easily and be very aggressive.

A dream about multiple tornadoes can also be a predictor of an approaching instability in your relationship. Your partner might become very volatile and aggressive.

However, you should be calm when dealing with your and partner and try to understand their point of view. And don’t worry, this is only a phase and may pass quickly.

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