Dreams About Your Ex – Meaning Of Seeing Ex Boyfriend In Dreams

The true example of a rude awakening is being jolted awake at the sight of your ex’s face in an otherwise peaceful dream.

It’s like an annoying pimple that just keeps popping back up no matter how many times you pop it. Now, what does it mean when you dream about your ex?

One dreaded thought that we all experience after seeing that familiar face, of He/She Who Must Not Be Named in our dreams, is that maybe it is a sign of lingering feelings.

But worry not, that is usually only a small part of it, there are so many other factors that are so much worse.

Just kidding, the truth is, dreams about your ex can actually be a sign of your brain healing itself and processing its emotions.

There are many possible explanations for why you dream about your ex.

You can easily figure out, by taking into account the kind of dream and the time you had it, what dreaming about your ex actually means.

Let’s break down all the possibilities and scenarios, so you figure out exactly what it means when you dream about your ex.

Dreams about your ex while in a relationship

This scenario of dreaming about your ex might just be the worst one. It pulls out so many dreaded thoughts in your head, like what if this constitutes as cheating?

First of all, it doesn’t. A dream about your ex does not mean that you are cheating on your present partner. However, it can have some other troubling implications.

There are a number of situations in which this dream can happen and we are going to look at all of them.

Situation 1

You are in healthy relationship. This can be pretty confusing but it usually means that your brain is getting rid of all the old baggage and cleansing itself. It is a healthy defense mechanism.

Situation 2

Your relationship is making you unhappy. This is usually a way for your brain to tell you to move on. Or maybe it is just developing a contrast between a relationship you were happy in and the present relationship, to remind you that it can be better.

Situation 3

You are entering a new relationship. In this situation your brain is just developing a contrast and trying to identify what you are looking for or looking to avoid in the new relationship.

Right after you broke up

When you break up with someone, at least for some time after the break up, they stay on your mind.

You keep thinking about them and the break up and whether it was good choice for you.

This overthinking can cause you to have a dreams about your ex and does not necessarily mean that you still have feelings for them.

Broke up without any closure

If your ex was inhuman individual with no consideration of your feelings and broke up with you without giving you any explanation, then it will probably be very difficult to move on.

Your mind will keep revisiting it which will result in you having dreams about them.

That time period was good/happy

This can especially be applied to you having dreams about your first love.

At that time, you were young and had a less stressful life or maybe just the relationship itself entailed a very good time for you and now you miss it.

This can happen whenever something stressful is going on in your life and your brain feels the need to go back to a happier time.

So, you could just be missing that time and not the person.

Type of dreams about your ex

Hooking up with your ex

Dreams about having sex with your ex can represent any hesitation you are experiencing while embarking on a sexual journey with someone new.

In this case, you are just remembering the scenario in which you were in your comfort zone.

Fighting with your ex

If you have a dream about fighting with your ex it can mean that you have someone in your life right now that angers you the same way that your ex did.

This dream would not be really related to the ex, just to the situation and the feelings you had.

Getting back together with your ex

This dream does not always mean that you want to get back together with your ex.

These dreams usually occur when you are taking a serious step in your current relationship.

It works as a way for you brain to test that you are ready for the step you are taking and have compared it to other options.

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Missing your ex

Dreams about missing your ex usually mean that you miss being in a relationship but yes, they can just mean that you miss your ex.

Your ex giving you advice

This dream can mean that your brain is telling you to avoid the mistakes you made the last time.

So, your ex giving you advice just represents the lessons you needed to learn from that relationship.

Your ex dying

This dream can be very complicated to tackle but keep the guilt waves at bay.

This kind of dream usually does not mean that you want any harm to come to your ex. Instead, it is a very simple metaphor. It is a sign of you finally letting go and saying goodbye to that part of your life.

It means that you have finally moved on from that person and that relationship. Who would’ve guessed, dreaming about your ex dying is actually a good thing!

At the end of the day, even though there are various different explanations for it, a dreams about your ex, very rarely, can actually mean that you just miss your ex.

As difficult as it is to swallow, if your dreams do not fall into any of the above then you might just have to accept that you miss “you know who” and are not over the relationship yet.

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