Teeth Falling Out – Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Dreams about losing teeth are one of the most common dreams experienced by many people all over the world throughout their lifetime.

Out of all the teeth falling out dream is one of those dreams that you tell someone and they will definitely be able to relate with you and understand what you are talking about because it is experienced by most of all people.

A dream of losing a tooth can be very anxiety provoking and often can get the dreamer in a very confused state but once you learn how to interpret it, it becomes less of a mystery.

This article is aimed at attempting to answer the many questions that revolve around teeth falling out dream.

Types of Losing Teeth Dreams

There are many different kinds of situations you might come across in a dream about losing teeth. Some of the common situations have been outline below so you can take a look and pick out the situation that closely resembles your own personal experiences with such type of dreams and get some answers about what your own particular dream actually meant.

Most common symbolisms of teeth falling out dream

Dreaming of Having False Teeth

Although this is not one of the common scenarios regarding losing teeth in dreams, it is still a situation that a lot of people have reported witnessing and experiencing in their dreams many times, often enough to have it be included among this list of situations.

A lot of the dreams that revolve around having fake teeth tend to point towards a latent hidden fear of being judged by others, and it indicates a low sense of self esteem and self image issues.

If you are having persistent dream about false teeth then it may mean you are afraid of your secrets being laid bare and discovered by everyone.

Seeing the Teeth of an Animal

Since animals represent the instinctual and primal aspects of our psyche, it is no wonder that seeing the teeth of an animal also represents some hidden animal urges within you that you may have been suppressing for too long.

Teeth falling out dream with Tooth Spitting

Whenever you have dreams about teeth breaking or your mouth overflowing with lots of teeth that you need to spit out of your mouth to get rid of, it symbolizes emotional toxicity in your real life.

This happens when you’ve surrounded yourself with too many toxic people in your life and you to clean and “spit” some of them out of your life to get rid of the toxicity.


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Dreaming of Another Person without Teeth

When you see another person losing teeth in dreams, that is not you, it points towards a general feeling of you losing your feelings of agency and effectiveness with your increasing age. It also means that there are people in your life that don’t give you credit for your work as they used to at one point in the past.

Dreaming of Brushing Teeth

Sometimes you have dreams where you are aggressively brushing away at your teeth, which is an indication of you trying to move onto new changes in life while also clearing out the past baggage in life that is blocking you from moving forward and feeling accomplished and “clean”.

Objects Stuck in Teeth

Anything that represents in dreams as a blockade or something being stuck where you don’t want it usually represents a real life obstacle that has lately been getting you all riled up, which is why it shows up in your dreams in the form of something caught in your teeth because that sensation is very uncomfortable and annoying.

Dreaming of Spotless Teeth

Not all teeth related dreams are about something bad happening to your teeth, sometimes you have dreams about your teeth being completely clean and spotless. This indicates a balance in your life’s matters and an inner feeling of contentment and security that you’ve been experiencing.

Seeing Your Teeth Roots/Gums

Roots and gums of a tooth are what makes it stand strong inside your mouth and gives it stability, and similarly, it represents you worried or concerned about the ground on which serious matters and relationships stand, and whether that ground is shaky or stable and strong.

Pain in Gums

Dreaming about a pain in the roots or gums of your teeth might be an indication of a real life tooth problem that you might want to get examined by a dentist. However, it could also mean some enemy in real life that has lately been getting on your nerves and you need to get away from them.

What Could Losing Teeth in Dreams Mean?

Losing teeth dreams

Listed below are some of the possible interpretations of teeth falling out dream:

  • Memory of losing a loved one

  • A warning of some disease about to be experienced by you or your loved one

  • An incoming period of weakening or losing power.

  • Self consciousness about the way you look or are perceived by others

  • An indication of someone lying to you and not presenting the full picture of the events that is actually occurring

  • An indication of loss or change in your spiritual or religious beliefs or faith

  • A deeply rooted anxiety about making a mockery out yourself in front of others and being unable to keep up appearances

  • A sign that you are about to either become a recipient of an event that will lead to you becoming wealthy

  • A sign that you might be about to lose a financial asset or money in some form

  • Deeply hidden hatred and sadness about the career path you’ve chosen which you are not happy with

The Possible Interpretation of Losing Teeth Dreams

The key to understanding dream interpretation and the symbolization in your teeth falling out dream is to realize that it is not about one size fitting all. Every person has their own life experiences and their own perspectives and ways of thinking that may color their particular dream that way.

The main thing about teeth falling out dream is that it does indicate a loss of some sort or the other, except for in a few rare cases. Whenever you dream of losing a tooth, you should try linking in with any latent fears you may have of a loss of a thing or person.

When you see yourself losing teeth in dreams, try to pin point the exact causes of it that may be apparent to you in your daily life.

This requires a great deal of interpretation and introspection on your behalf. So try to think by yourself first about your recent experiences and feelings first before reading interpretations.

The very first step in determining what a dream of losing a tooth may mean is to examine whether it may be related to a loss of a thing, a status or a person in your life.

A status doesn’t just mean something you get labelled as but it could also mean something like your appearance and beauty.

The most common interpretation of teeth falling out dream is that you fear the loss or waning of your physical appearance and beauty, which might be fading as you age or maybe you are just perceiving it as fading away. If this is the case, then you may have self image and self esteem issues that you need to work on.

Dreams about losing teeth could also mean a loss of perceived or actual power in any area of your life. This could be the power you have in your job, or the authority and power you have in your family and your home. Sometimes it can also mean having power over yourself and your urges.

Another possible meaning being a dream of losing a tooth is that it represents a loved one who is no longer a part of your life.

Teeth are vital parts of our body and we often take them for granted, so they could definitely be a symbol for someone whom we have lost from our lives and whose value we didn’t realize until we finally ended up losing them, just like a loss of a tooth.

The latent fear of losing people close to us is a very common fear so try examining this aspect of the interpretation very closely by looking back into your recent life experiences and searching for the actual or symbolic loss of someone who you valued in your life, but someone who is no longer there, and gone with them is your sense of security and love.

Sometimes these dreams are merely an indicator of something odd about to happen in your life. It could be a threat that your brain has already spotted and experienced unconsciously, but in your conscious mind you have not registered it yet, which is why it is appearing inside a dream as a warning.

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